Educational Environment project is a remarkable success

Educational Environment project is a remarkable success

Educational Environment was re-launched about a month ago and turned out to be a massive hit. It is carried out in the framework of the Science and Technology Decade in Russia and its organizers have obtained preliminary results.

The Educational Environment project started again on February 15 this year. Each Wednesday and Friday, except for school and public holidays, students with teachers may come to the Primorsky Aquarium to explore the underwater world and to meet fascinating marine creatures.  One program is also tailored for children from orphanages, special needs schools and teen rehab centers.

Over 800 children participated in the project within a month. On Wednesdays and Fridays 28 programs were carried out for school and kindergarten students. These included 2 themed tours for 64 kindergarten students and 26 learning sessions for 623 school students of years 5 to 11.

Diana Perebeinos, Head of the Education Department, said that the project is enjoying a major revival in popularity,

“Schools have already made a huge number of reservations, and we’re still receiving requests despite the fact that almost all programs until the end of April are booked”.

Kindergartens are among the most passionate participants. They booked all morning tours within the first two weeks. Youngest learners always come in the morning because these are the hours that fit their daily schedule.

It is an interesting fact that, while elementary school students were the most numerous of all school ages in the previous years of the project, now secondary schools are more active in visiting the Aquarium. Some of them participated before and now they come for the second or third time.

The project welcomes university students, too, and future biologists, teachers, linguists, travel and tourism specialists are currently taking part in it.

Specialist schools and colleges (=those specializing in some field of curriculum like art, law, etc.) also showed great interest in Educational Environment, including Secondary Law School 2, Secondary Music School 74, International Linguistics School, Primorsky Regional College of Art, and others.