Self-guided museum trail for families is under way at Primorsky Aquarium

Self-guided museum trail for families is under way at Primorsky Aquarium

“Follow the Trail”, a self-guided museum trail for families, is under way at the scientific and educational centre Primorsky Aquarium. Families explore several museums of Vladivostok using activity guides with questions and puzzles connecting these museums into a united education network. Primorsky Aquarium welcomes 5-8-year-old children together with their parents to enjoy a fascinating aquarium adventure, called “Secrets of nature”.


Self-guided museum trails for families have become traditional and popular in Russia. They are usually conducted during autumn or summer school vacations in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg and other cities and each one has a specific theme.


“Follow the Trail” is in fact a game full of fun activities for kids and their parent helpers. This year the trail connects nine museums of Vladivostok. Participants explore the world around, learn about Primorsky Krai history and gather a collection of natural treasures. The trail includes journeys for several age groups: 5-7 years, 7-10 years and 10-12 years. The “Secrets of Nature” game at the Primorsky Aquarium will last till the end of July.


“Young explorers travel along the Amur River, Khanka and Baikal Lakes, then go as far as cold polar seas and the icy Arctic. They discover secrets of nature and learn how to notice characteristic features of plants and animals,” explained Diana Perebeinos, Head of the Education Department.


Kids make amazing discoveries, study buildings and exhibits, dig up facts about famous explorers of the Russian Far East, solve mysteries and math problems.


You can start the game from any museum, where guests are offered treasure hunts, hands-on activities or tours depending on the kind of a journey. Just come to one of the destinations of a journey of choice, inquire about “Follow the Trail”, grab your activity guide and enjoy the adventure!