Vladivostok mayor recognizes efforts of a young scientist from Primorsky Aquarium

Vladivostok mayor recognizes efforts of a young scientist from Primorsky Aquarium

One of the key strategic growth areas for Russia is the encouragement of young scientists and university students. Today the ambitious young people are already actively involved in the life of the nation, proposing and implementing critical scientific projects.

On January 25, which is celebrated as Russian Students Day, Vladivostok mayor Konstantin Shestakov gave holiday greetings to the university students and young scientists that gathered for an award ceremony at the Vladimir K. Arseniev Museum of Far East History and thanked them for the contribution they had made to science and the city’s life.

The mayor presented a letter of gratitude to Maria Shulgina, Senior Specialist at the Primorsky Aquarium Shared Equipment Facility, Junior Researcher at the Laboratory of Marine Microbiota, NSCMB FEB RAS.

Maria conducts research into seasonal dynamics of phytoplankton in the coastal waters of the Sea of Japan. 

“Phytoplankton are known to be biological indicators of aquatic ecosystem health – rapid increases in phytoplankton populations and algal blooms may provide evidence of changes in the ecosystem – that is why it is so important to monitor phytoplankton dynamics,” said Maria Shulgina. “In addition, my scientific interests include microalgal systematics and morphology, and I isolate algal cells and culture them in the research labs at the Primorsky Aquarium.”

The work Maria does at the Primorsky Aquarium is also essential for the well-being of its residents since the young scientist maintains a stock-culture collection of algae which are used as feed for some of the aquatic animals on display.